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Chat, meet, and share—all in one secure app.
Employee shares image with the rest of her team on the Glip by RingCentral App.

Unlimited team messaging, free for everyone

A Global Design Team completes the blueprint task within the Glip by RingCentral App.

Organize your team’s work

Getting on the same page is easy with dedicated threads for projects, topics, and teams.

Connect with anyone

Create messaging threads for internal and external groups so everyone’s in the loop.

Check off tasks

Assign tasks, update stakeholders, and move work forward with built-in task management.

Bring along your favorite apps

Connect RingCentral with the apps you use everyday like Mailchimp, Zapier, and GitHub.

Collaborate your way, on any device

Get everyone up to speed and ship projects faster.

Message and meet

Go from messaging to meeting in a click and share your screen so everyone can follow along.

Share with drag and drop

Collaborate on files, pin documents, and connect tools like Google Drive.

Find it in your archive

Never lose track of your conversations. Search keywords and filter results by name, email, or team.
RingCentral App works on both your computer and smartphone.
No more app switching
Keep it focused with one workspace where everything’s in reach.
of users are more in the loop about ongoing projects.
of organizations saw an increase in team collaboration.
of users are shipping projects faster.

Message and meet, all in one place

These features and more are now free for your whole team.
Set up in minutes
Invite new users and teams around the world in just a few clicks.
Invite unlimited guests
Build shared teams with customers and partners so everyone’s in the loop.
Share your screen
Show and annotate files so you can dive into the details.
Create instant teams
Set up a group chat with one click after a meeting—then switch your chat back to video, at any time.
Customize messages
Write messages with bold formatting, bullets, and more using our rich text editor.
Edit files
Comment on files or drop a pin on a specific section—all while keeping the original file intact.
Say it with emojis
Send quick reactions to messages with your favorite emojis.
Connect your calendar
Integrate tools like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 and create events right from a chat.
Employee uses RingCentral with his mobile phone to work from anywhere.
It’s hands down the easiest way to work together.
Michael Moxley
Vice President, Goosehead Insurance
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Get going for free, then invite your entire team.
Get going for free, then invite your whole team.