Screen sharing software that does more than screen sharing

One of the easiest ways to improve collaboration and productivity.

Interface showing manager sharing his screen to a colleague

Video conferencing and screen sharing in one app

Easy sharing

Click to share your screen then, if you want, choose which window or tab you want to share with the other attendees.

Annotate in real time

Need to collaborate on editing a document? You can do it on a screen share with the annotations feature.

More visual meetings

It’s the perfect feature for presenting charts, graphs, or design mockups.

Looking for a more versatile screen sharing software?
Talk it out on chat or video

Other than screen sharing, Glip has a super robust built-in messaging and video conferencing feature. It’s as close as you’ll get to meeting in person without physically being together.

Record your screen share

If you had a really good brainstorming or training session with your team over screen share, why not record it? That way, everyone can just reference the recording in the future (plus you won’t have to run the same training session again and again).

Screen share from any device

Every piece of screen sharing software works on your computer, of course—but with Glip, you can share your screen from a mobile device too. On the road and using a phone or tablet? Sharing your screen from there is just as easy.

(Screen) sharing is caring

We love collaboration—which is why we’ve made it free for you to add collaborators to Glip. Invite your partners, freelancers, and even VIP clients to Glip so that they can message and video call with your team for free.

Built-in file sharing and task management

Need to share the file after doing a screen share in Glip? Just send it to your team right in the app. What about follow-up tasks? You can create and assign those in Glip too.

Screen sharing—and everything else your team needs
Message, meet, and more. All in one app.

Always video-ready

Start or schedule a video call in Glip in just one click.

Skip the download

Start meetings with a click from your browser—all you need is Wi-Fi.

Send team messages

Get more done before, during, and after meetings with built-in team messaging.

Connect your apps

Integrate your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace calendar and meet with one click.

Join from anywhere

Stay connected from your desktop or phone with Glip.

Switch devices

Flip a meeting between your favorite devices and take calls on the go.

Take control

As the host, you can keep your meeting secure by muting or unmuting folks, disabling video, and more.

Reduce noise

Lower distracting background noise so you can focus on what matters.

Hit record

Save meeting recordings and highlights to the cloud for up to seven days.

Not your average screen sharing software

Free your teams to work together from anywhere with Glip.

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