Not just a file storage app

Unlimited cloud storage for teams. For free. With no limits.

 The interface of the RingCentral App file storage feature for accessing reports and documents
Store and share your files

Keep it all in one place

Multiple projects with multiple documents? Share them with your team in Glip.

No storage limits

Why pay for file storage with 10 or 20 MB limits when you can store more with Glip for free?

Sort + search

Lots of files? No problem. Glip lets you search and easily find the one you want.

Free cloud storage—and other collaborative features
Goodbye, inbox clutter

Stop losing files in labyrinth-like email threads. With Glip, you don’t even have to toggle back and forth between a separate file storage app. Share files right in your team conversations and make it easy for everyone to access documents.


With Glip, you can store as many files as your team wants. No hidden fees, no add-ons needed. Seriously.

A paper trail for each project

Here’s a tip: manage each project as its own Glip team—this way, you’re automatically creating a complete record of everything related to that project, including conversations and every file shared in that Glip group.

Plays nice with other file storage apps

Already using Google Workspace? Glip can roll with that. If you don’t want to have to jump between a bunch of different apps, you can upload files to Glip directly from other file storage apps to keep everything in one place.

Collaboration beyond file storage

Yes, you can store a ton of files in Glip, but there’s so much more. From messaging your team to screen sharing to starting a video conference, everything you need to collaborate with a global team is literally in one app. 

How many free cloud storage apps can do all this?

Message, meet, and more—all in one app.
Share your screen
Let everyone follow along with your presentation and dive into the details.
Skip the download
Start meetings with a click from your browser—all you need is Wi-Fi.

Send team messages

Get more done before, during, and after meetings with built-in team messaging.
Connect your apps
Integrate your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace calendar and meet with one click.
Join from anywhere
Stay connected from your desktop or phone with Glip.
Switch devices
Flip a meeting between your favorite devices and take calls on the go.
Take control
As the host, you can keep your meeting secure by muting or unmuting folks, disabling video, and more.
Reduce noise
Lower distracting background noise so you can focus on what matters.
Hit record
Save meeting recordings and highlights to the cloud for up to seven days.
Unlock unlimited file storage,
meetings, and messaging
Free your team to work together, from anywhere.
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