Glip vs Chatwork

Only one gives you group calls and more file storage.

Manager using the RingCentral App to video chat and send messages to her employees.
So… Glip or Chatwork?
If you’re looking for a free tool that lets your team communicate with each other from anywhere, both Glip and Chatwork might seem to be good fits. But one gives you more bang for your buck. (Though technically, your “buck” is zero dollars, but who’s counting?) 
What you get with Glip
Group video calling
Glip lets you meet with a whole team or project-based group.
HD voice and video
Get crystal-clear image and sound on calls.
Task management
Stay on top of your projects with Glip’s built-in tasks.
File storage
A whopping 15 GB of it. Plus file annotation too!

Glip vs Chatwork: See how they stack up

Even with the premium paid version of Chatwork, you’re limited to 10 GB of file storage. Glip gives you 15 GB free, right off the bat. Plus, you get meeting recordings, unlimited teams… the list goes on.
Check out a more detailed feature comparison below:
Real-time chat and group messaging
Unlimited messages
Unlimited guest users
File sharing
Integrated task management
1:1 video meetings
Screen sharing
Unlimited app integrations
File annotation
Unlimited teams
Integrated calendar
Group video meetings
24/7 live support
How many Chatwork alternatives let you do all this for free?

Get everything you need in one app

With some free tools, your team might need other additional apps for screen sharing, storing files, and recording meetings. But many of Glip’s best free team collaboration features, like in-app file annotation and meeting host controls, are available only with the paid enterprise versions of some apps.

Ping the group, or keep it private

With Glip, you’re not limited to a certain number of teams. Sure, you can have a team chat for your department, but you can also have private conversations for smaller teams or pods dedicated to specific projects. This way, everything from past messages to uploaded files all stay in one easily accessible place.

Level up your video meeting

Not only do you get high-definition video in Glip, you can share your screen with attendees too. Plus, you can annotate documents on screen with your team, message each other or all the attendees in the chat box, and more. This isn’t your average 1-on-1 meeting.

Work on files together

Need to collaborate on a file or presentation with your teammates? You can do that in Glip without confusing and messy versioning history. Annotate docs without affecting the original file—and all your comments are recorded right in the team chat.

Need a reason to try Glip over Chatwork?
We’ll give you 9

Message, meet, and more—all in one app.
Share your screen
Let everyone follow along with your presentation and dive into the details.
Skip the download
Start meetings with a click from your browser—all you need is Wi-Fi.
Send team messages
Get more done before, during, and after meetings with built-in team messaging.
Connect your apps
Integrate your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace and meet with one click.
Join from anywhere
Stay connected from your desktop or phone with Glip.
Switch devices
Flip a meeting between your favorite devices and take calls on the go.
Take control
As the host, you can keep your meeting secure by muting or unmuting folks, disabling video, and more.
Reduce noise
Lower distracting background noise so you can focus on what matters.
Hit record
Save meeting recordings and highlights to the cloud for up to seven days.
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